Description: Santillana del Mar is one of the highest artistic and historical value of Spain. Say your name is referring to the Caves of Altamira, a cave filled with prehistoric paintings called the “Sistine Chapel” of rock art. Among the sights to visit include the church of Santa Juliana and towers and Don Borja Merino, two of the oldest buildings in the locality. The streets of Santillan, medieval cobbled, there are craft workshops. It is typical tea biscuits with milk. It also stresses that the nature and the coast, ideal for fishing.

Action: It has a length of 100 m and a width of 50 m.
Level of occupancy: Low.
Degree of urbanization: Paperback.
Soil: very fine golden sand.
Terms bathing beach windy. Moderate waves.
Safety: Signs of danger.
Comment: The height of beach access is significant and the slope of access to water is soft.

Parking: Inadequate.
Since relief: Yes
Drinking water: Yes
Bins and waste collection: Yes
Access to animals: No
Comment: Clean beach. Pedestrian access and road